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Saperiavi is Dry Red Wine, produced from Saperavi, red grape variety harvested in 2015 from the Kvareli Viticulture Micro Zone in the valleys of the Kakheti region of the republic of Georgia. The bouquet is both pleasing and intense with aromatic flavors of blackberry and currant that culminate in a long lingering finish.

Gozauri is an ancient large-sized clay vessel for wine (5,8-7 litres). Gozauri was most widely used in Georgia in the 18 th century, Kakheti being its place of manufacture. The etymology of the name Gozauri stems from the Georgian word “Gozva” meaning

Our vineyard is located in Georgia’s region of Kakheti famous for its viniculture and rich wine-producing traditions, namely, in the unique micro-zone of Kindzmarauli. It is situated on the latitude reference: 41°59'55.42"N 45°36'49.53"E. At an elevation of 340-360 meters above sea-level

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