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Gozauri is an ancient large-sized clay vessel for wine (5,8-7 litres). Gozauri was most widely used in Georgia in the 18 th century, Kakheti being its place of manufacture. The etymology of the name Gozauri stems from the Georgian word “Gozva” meaning luting/covering with paint, glaze. Gozauri has a long and straight neck, a globular body narrowing downwards, a lipless rim and a flat handle. It is decorated with ornaments embossed in relief (animals, birds, plants and geometric figures).



Our company was founded by Levan Japaridze, a winemaker who started his own vineyard in 2004 knowing that good quality wine can only be made from good quality grapes. The vineyard is located in Georgia’s region of Kakheti famous for its viniculture and rich wine-producing traditions, namely, in the unique micro-zone of Kindzmarauli.


It was in 2013 that we first participated in the homemade wine festival where our Saperavi -2012 was awarded a silver medal. In 2014, at the same festival, our Saperavi -2013 won a golden medal and a special Zedashe prize.


The 11th International Wine and Spirits Exhibition WinExpo Georgia 2018 and the 10th International Wine Competition were held on June 14-16, where international jury members and Commission Chairman, Master of Wine from the UK, Tim Atkin, presented gold and silver medal wines in several categories. In the competition, our Gozauri 2015 was awarded the Silver Medal, the best dry red wine in the category.


The Company specializes in the production of top-quality wines from unique grape varieties grown in its own vineyard.

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