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Our vineyard is located in Georgia’s region of Kakheti famous for its viniculture and rich wine-producing traditions, namely, in the unique micro-zone of Kindzmarauli. It is situated on the latitude reference: 41°59'55.42"N 45°36'49.53"E. At an elevation of 340-360 meters above sea-level, the vineyard dominates the valley gently sloping to the south, on the left bank of the Alazani River. The moderately humid climate in the micro-zone is characterizedby mild winters, hot summers and double rainfall peak. The climate owes its features to the existing landscape and its circular processes.

Annual sun exposure and growing season on the left bank of the Alazani River lasts almost as long as on the Garonne valley (birthplace of Cabernet Sauvignon).

Soil rocks are formed by alluvial deposits of clay, gravel and sand.

The soil and other ecological features of the micro-zone combine to provide the best conditions for the production of high-quality wine.

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